Germs. We cannot avoid them, but as much as possible we do not want them near our homes, our kids, and loved ones. The fact that we take precautions every day to eliminate and protect ourselves from diseases brought by bacteria’s and germs it seems that they get away easily when we miss a spot.  


Our home is our sanctuary and we do not let any kind of germs enter it as much as possible, with the help of cleaning products and services, we ensure that our homes are 99.9% germ-free. You may think for now that your home is at its cleanest but we then to be too complacent at most time and when we miss the spots hidden in plain sight, the germs come to play and lurk. Where do you find them usually? How do we know? We will take down and share with you the top 5 germ hot spots in your home that you should clean and vacuum more often.   


You might think you are done and very much proud of how neat your bed is, but you do not know the real monsters hiding underneath. These monsters do not speak and will accumulate in time. Dust can easily form under your bed and can be a hiding place for insects and another pest. Always keep the bottom of your bed clean and tidy, the warm temperature allows bacteria to grow and multiply causing allergies and diseases. The next time you clean your room, get a good look at under your bed and sweep all the dust and dirt.   


You get to interact with your kitchen stove more than 3 times a day, and food can drip or come off the pot while you’re cooking. Minutes after you cook your favorite meals, food stains accumulate and germs can feed off of it. Especially when you forget to clean the corners and edges of your kitchen stove before you sleep, which may lead to attracting cockroaches overnight leaving virus and germ field stovetops. This makes your stove a hot spot for germs.  

3) SOFAS, and BED  

After a long day, your bed or your sofa is your sweetest companion, but when neglected with proper cleaning it can be your worse enemy. Fabrics on your bed and the upholstery from your sofa can accumulate dirt from your sweat, clothes, and body. That why it is very important to clean them as often as possible, have them vacuumed and change your covers every now and then.   


As elegant and wonderful as the look, your carpets are guilty too. Our carpet serves our feet and our furry pets do love to roll and sit on them. This can make carpets filled with germs. You can get a carpet cleaning woodbridge if you happen to be in that area or call Vaughan Carpet and Duct Cleaning services to help you clean your carpets and have them back germ frees.    


Our hand comes in contact with many things, and it can carry millions of germs waiting to attack your body, so before you eat your sandwich after some serious typing in your computer keyboard, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and properly with soap and water. Computer Keyboards have germs from almost everywhere so you sure need to do some disinfecting and wiping regularly.  

Get your disinfectants ready and call your friendly neighborhood cleaning services to back you up and attack these germ hot spots inside your home and do it frequently or schedule regular cleaning for your home and bust your unwanted visitors out your door and make you precious home 99.9% bacteria and germ-free.